Loans without BIK

An institution that collects and stores data on financial liabilities incurred in banks, credit unions and loan companies of individuals and enterprises. A loan without BIK means that the loan company grants a loan without checking the client in this database.

In BIK you can find personal data, data on financial liabilities towards entities cooperating with BIK, information on debt and repayment history. In addition, this database also carries out scoring, i.e. a credit risk assessment. It helps to determine the creditworthiness of each person who appears in the database. Points are awarded e.g. for repayment of the loan on time. The more points a person has, the higher their creditworthiness.

Currently, only banks have to check their clients in BIK. In the case of loan companies, cooperation with this base is voluntary. That is why many companies offer loans without BIK , i.e. without checking clients for financial liabilities.

Types of loans without BIK

Types of loans without BIK

Without BIK checking, you can borrow money under many different obligations. A common feature of such loans is their availability online. As part of this offer you can take, among others:

  • free loans,
  • chwilówki,
  • installment loans,
  • loans with a GIRO check,
  • refinanced loans,
  • long-term loans.

Payday loans and installment loans are the most popular. Among the payday loans, you can also distinguish free first loans, under which not only the client is not subjected to checking in the database, but also has to pay back the same amount as the loaned, at no additional cost. Also in the case of loans with repayment in installments, the BIK database is not checked, in contrast to bank loans, which have practically identical form.

How to get a loan without BIK?

How to get a loan without BIK?

The first step is to find a loan company that offers loans without BIK. Then you need to check whether Ayesha company offers the type of loan we are interested in, e.g. payday loan for 60 days, installment loan, loan payable with a GIRO check, etc. After finding the right option, all you need to do is fill out the application on the lender’s website.

You choose the type of loan, the amount you want to borrow and the repayment time. Then fill in the application part with personal data. It’s best to write them down directly from your ID card to avoid mistakes. The next part of each application is financial data. You must state your income and title. For example, enter the monthly salary for working under an employment contract. You may also need to provide monthly expenses, such as “living” and the amount of other financial obligations, such as bank loan installments. At the end of the application, the customer will have to make a verification fee to the loan company’s account. The amounts are low and start from just one penny. Thanks to such a payment, the loan company can compare the personal data of the person submitting the application with those appearing in the bank.

Who can get a loan?

Who can get a loan?

Each loan company can place its terms on potential clients. The basic conditions to be met, which can be seen in the regulations of each loan company are:

  • minimum age 18,
  • valid ID card,
  • Polish nationality,
  • place of residence in Poland,
  • individual bank account in a Polish bank,
  • Polish telephone number
  • active email address.

It is important that your bank account is not shared. If it is an account created for two people, the application will be rejected because the loan company will not be able to verify the personal data of the person submitting it.

Reply in 15 minutes

The time it takes to process your application depends on several factors. Loan companies declare a response in 15 minutes, but it can not always be answered so quickly. After submitting the application, a verification transfer should be made. Only if the bank account of the borrower and the lender is in the same bank will it be an instant transfer. Otherwise, the bank will post it in the next incoming session. This may mean a delay of several hours or the need to wait until the next business day. The same way the loan is paid to your bank account. Even if a response of positive consideration appeared after 15 minutes and the transfer was carried out immediately, it may only come at the next bank posting session. However, it is possible to receive a response and pay the loan within the promised 15 minutes.

Without BIK does not mean without checking the bases

Loan companies are not legally obliged to check BIK, but they can use it. There are also other debtors’ databases such as ERIF, KRD or BIG InfoMonitor which loan companies check. In these databases you can find information about active financial liabilities, debts or delays not only in bank loans and borrowings, but also in bills or fines. If you want to avoid checking your credit history, find a loan without bases, not just without BIK.